Guess where we found our eggs??? How long do they last?

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    So...we have about 35 lay hens that are slowly starting to lay. At one point we were getting at least one dozen a day and then it considerably dropped to 4-6. We were quite concerned thinking that Ravens or rats were getting into our coop, but nothing seemed evident by it. My husband and and parents went on a CBI top secret mission (Chicken Bureau of Investigation). We had originally raised our chicken coop to prevent tiny critters from nesting underneath them....well...these darn hens have been going underneath the darn chicken coop to lay their darn eggs. They only had, not even, 4 inches of clearance!!!

    So, we found 2.5 dozen of eggs and we lowered the coop to the ground to prevent it from happening again! Our hens have only started laying their eggs in the last month, and since these eggs have been in a very cool and shady place, will these eggs still be good to eat?

    Might I add, 90% of the eggs are the size of billiard balls and we can't close the egg containers. We feed them lots of veggie mash twice a day....happy chickens = MASSIVE eggs!

    Chickens!!! [​IMG]
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    Wow wish my hidden nest had big eggs like that.
    Do the float test and then crack them open individually onto a dish to make sure all are good. Mine were but I only found 6.
    Its amazing the small space they can get into, when we worry about the size of their pop door

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