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Apr 8, 2011
So you guys confirmed I have mallards. Any guessing yet on the sex of these two (I'm hoping for a boy and girl so we can have babies). I know the one quacks and I think the other is more of a raspy quack but I'm really unsure so don't base your guesses on that lol. Thanks bunches!!




They do both look like females, but to be sure, how old are they? The males get juvenile feathers that are the same as the females, and then when they moult their juvenile feathers to get their adult feathers the females will stay pretty much the same and the males will get the classic drake colours (the green head, greyish tummy and brown chest

EDIT: Looking at the photos again, the duck in the second photo still has some fluff on the head and neck. If these haven't come through yet, there may still be a chance that it is a boy and will moult like I mentioned above. I think the voice sexing is probably a bit more reliable at this age. Over the next couple of weeks, look at their heads to see if either or both begin to go green.
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Lizzy, you have 2 females....I have recently gotten some mallards and I have been researching them and they look like yours..and they are indeed shouldn't have any problems finding a male though.
Too early to tell. I couldn't see the tertial coverts which is how we, as biologists separate male from female hatch-year birds. BUT, the white on the tertials tells me they are mallard rouen crosses, not mallards.

You can usually just look a their bills and if they're greenish then they're drakes, if they're orange/yellow/black/brownish then they're females. From the pictures it looks like you have females.

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