guide to sexing Cochin x silkies?? answer not found


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6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
All, I just can't seem to find the exact answer to this because my Cochin x silkie chickens are so unique looking. They are 23 weeks old. They all three look the same feather-wise. They have the amazingly plush feathers that Cochins have but have 5 toes and a smooth head of feathers. One of them ran off our cat the other day so I assume he is a boy. No crowing but he has what looks to be a walnut comb. In say "he" because his behavior seems boyish. Any tips for determining gender? No good pics at the moment but I'll snap some in the morning.
We'll look forward to your pics. Without pics, identifying it's gender is like shooting in the dark. Good luck in getting those pics up.

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