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    I can't get them in their cage, almost like their got gothroughadooraphobia. They follow my australorps and if lucky go in with them, but lately they like to fly away only getting 3 to 7 of them in, in one go, and mr fox is lurking. Any tips to help me get my fowl fowl in.
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    Mar 28, 2011
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    Giving them treats and feed only in the coop/pen helps. Sprinkling the feed in a metal feed pan gets their attention. Having a helper slowly calmly help heard them in helps too. Once you get them in, try keeping them in for a couple weeks and then try again... and in the meantime try giving them treats each night at the approximate time you'd normally be getting everybody in. And always making the same call over and over whenever you give them feed and treats helps them associate that word with food. Guineas like routine, but it needs to be one you help them establish or they will continue to establish their own. If you have not had them long, that may be part of the problem, they just don't know where home and safety is. I let mine out hungry (by taking away their feed after they've eaten in the AM and not allowing them free choice to their feed all day, they have to free range for bugs, seeds weeds etc), and when it's time to coop up their food dish separation anxiety helps make them a little more willing to come running into the coop/run for feed and treats.

    Good luck, hope they start cooperating for you.

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