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    Hello everybody,

    My name is Marcus and I'm from The Netherlands. I have had guinea's for about 15 years, but always the standard available colors grey, lavender and white. Unfortunately we do not have many colors over here. I have joined this forum because I have a few questions about my guinea fowl. Recently I have bought a bunch of new guinea's in a variety of colors and I am wondering which colors I have and which colors I can breed with them. I hope you can help me with that.

    I have set up a breading group consisting of:
    - 1 male, coral blue (?)
    - 1 female white (still has doting)
    - 1 female lavender
    - 1 female Royal Purple

    Now I have bred my first keets but I have no clue what colors they have. I get a wide variety of colors and am very curious to what they will become. Do you have any suggestions?

    My breeding group (lavender, coral blue and royal purple):

    Keets 1:
    The keets with the white wings are beautifull, but I have 2 variaties? The grey keets are also not the same, one is more red-ish than the other?

    Keets 2:
    I'd say 2 lavender and 1 coral blue? But what about the one with the white wings? Again not the same as the 3 in the picture above.

    I really hope you can help me determine their colors!

    Is there also someone who can help me with genetics? I would like to breed the colors more targeted, but I have no idea where to start and if there are maybe some ground rules in guinea fowl genetics.

    A lot of questions in my first post, but then again I am very enthusiastic about my guinea's [​IMG]
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    If your white guinea has dotting it is not a white guinea. Depending on whether it is full or semi dotting will determine whether it is Porcelain or Opaline or even a Lite Lavender.

    You can check out the Guinea Fowl International Color Chart. The keet pictures are at the bottom of the page.

    You can breed any of the colors to any of the colors. It depends on what you are trying to produce as to what you should be breeding them to.

    Chocolates, Royal Purples, and Blondes are just a few of the keets that will have white wings and not be Pieds or Pintos.

    Some color genetic information sites are:

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