Guinea dead with blood pouring out of nose. Predator or disease??

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  1. I think that one patch around one leg looked like it might have been slobbered and there was one possible puncture wound on the same leg so am thinking something got it. But it would have been while roosting??? So that means something got it from 5 to 9 feet high off the ground on a clothes line pole or from the top of the carport roof. My first thought was cat - but any of my cats would have eaten it - or a large portion of it. So maybe dog - but there is not the mauling I'd expect. It could be our dogs because there is a break somewhere in the radio fence that I have to track down and repair today. Otherwise I would say it definitely wasn't them. Thoughts?

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    Might be some kind of internal injury if blood was coming out of the nose. If it were a predator I would suspect a large canine. It's not uncommon for a dog to attack a bird out of excitement or prey drive and kill it and leave it. The dog doesn't mean to kill it all the time necessarily, but just got excited. A scenario like that could have happened, especially with the appearance of an internal injury and the evidence on the leg.
  3. Yep, it was our dogs. Found a second one dead and this one was definitely played with :( Also found the line break and fixed it after the 4th try.... sigh. At least it wasn't a chicken, I have much more invested in them. Still so frustrating.

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