Guinea egg days to hatch? 21 or 28 days?

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    Aug 25, 2007
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    How long does it take for Guinea eggs to hatch? Is it 21 or 28 days?

    Is there a section or sticky on here that will tell you the incubation period for all eggs?

    Can someone post a thread that tells how long it takes for any and all eggs to hatch that we all may be hatching out on here?


    Chicken 21 days
    Ducks, Turkeys 28 days

  2. speckledhen

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    Guineas are generally 27-28 days.

    Length of Incubation
    Approximate incubation periods for commonly hatched poultry and game bird species in small incubators are:

    Species Days

    Chicken 21
    Most ducks 28
    Muscovy ducks 33-35
    Turkey 28
    Most geese 29-31
    Ringneck pheasant 23-24
    Japanese quail 17-18
    Bobwhite quail 23
    Chuckar partridge 22-23
    Guinea 26-28
    Peafowl 28
  3. Jayare's Chicks

    Jayare's Chicks Songster

    Aug 25, 2007
    Florence, Alabama
    Thanks, I found the answer a while ago. Well my wife did while I was outside working on a bunch of different projects.

    I found a nest of 11 Guinea eggs out in my barn last night and took them out since I didn't know how long they had been there and 1 of them was broken and had leaked all over the others, so I threw them all away. Today I noticed another egg there so I just wanted to know how many days for incubation on them since I now have a broody hen and put 5 Turkey eggs under her so I wanted to know if I should put that egg with the Turkey eggs now or wait another week in case it was 21 days for them so they would hatch at the same time. My Turkeys just started laying 2 weeks ago so I wanted to do a fertility check on them and see what happens. I know I could crack 1 open and look for the bullseye but this way in case it is fertile I am not killing it.


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