Guinea eggs, $1 per egg, 6 egg minimum-SORRY, SOLD LOCAL

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    Edit: I wrote this twice this morning and I was still being confusing with my price. It's $1 per egg with a six egg minimum as now shown in the title. Sorry all, I must not have had my caffeine yet when I wrote it.

    These are guinea eggs from a nest that one of our hens has started spending time on in the last few days. She has not been too serious yet (on at night, off in the day, etc.) so I think they should be fine to incubate. It was an outdoor nest and we don't want to lose the hen, so we took them yesterday evening.

    We have 8 pearls and 1 royal purple guinea so the likelihood is that you will get pearls, but there may be a few half-royals.

    It has been reasonably dry here so the eggs are not gross or dirt-caked, but they have been on the ground, of course. I will give them a wipe with a dry paper towel but don't want to mess with the bloom beyond that.

    There are around 40 eggs. 6 egg minimum plus actual shipping. Shipping for a 6 egg box should be between 5 and 6 dollars per the USPS web site (priority mail).

    I pack close and tight with double bubble wrap on each egg and the box reinforced (if you remember that thread on nice secure egg-packing, I took my method from that).

    Thanks for looking. Get yourself some guineas, I promise you will love their crazy ways. I take PayPal.
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