Guinea eggs under a broody chicken

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    Sep 29, 2014
    Here's my question. I have a broody hen that went broody about six weeks ago. I put five eggs under her and she hatched all 5. The night after they hatched a snake ate all 5 chicks but almost two weeks later she's still broody and I've got guinea eggs in the incubator that are 3-4 days from hatching. She's nesting in one of the layer boxes in the henhouse. I moved her a couple of nights ago into one of the two smaller broody hen enclosures and she freaked out and wouldn't sit on the nest I put her on. I let her out and she went right back to her nesting box. What I'd like to do is wait until the guineas are starting to pip and then put six or so eggs under her. Do you think that she would stay on them while they are hatching and once they are hatched and I moved her do you think she'd take to being moved better with "chicks"? I don't want to put eggs under her until the last minute because there is no way to guarantee that she will stay in the correct nesting box.

    Your thoughts are appreciated.

    Thanks, Charlie

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