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    Shipped guinea eggs, 21 total. 10 never developed, 4 early death, 7 made it to day 23. Incubated at 100, 43% humidity, upright, circulated air. At lockdown they were moved to another incubator at 100.3 (several thermometers to back this up, with this particular one the eggs do best at this temp, below yields sickly babies and lots of death), circulated air, on sides, humidity 70% give or take. Two days later they were all dead. What'd i do wrong? I've had some ups and downs with my chickens, but most of my hatches from my chickens have a 90-95% hatch rate.
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    With guinea eggs it's a little different. Incubator temp set at 99.5 then dropping it down to 98.5 for lock down. Humidity should be about 65% then raising to 80% for lockdown (or at least thats what works here). However with shipped eggs there are SO many variables that can affect a hatch that you have no control over. The best you can do is when you receive them just set them somewhere and let them rest 24hrs and reach room temp before setting them in the incubator. I find guineas to be a little more fragile than chicken eggs as well.
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    You may not have done anything wrong. Unfortunately, thats the gamble you take with shipped eggs. I'm guessing the embryos were just too damaged by the shipping process to make it to the end.

    I used to incubate mine at 101.5F (still air) and humidity at 30-45% the first 18 days and 60-70% at lockdown with good results.

    Better luck next time!

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