Guinea Eggs


11 Years
Mar 26, 2008
San Antonio, TX
I have 2 Guinea Eggs in the bator that I almost gave up on, and just now one pipped! And now its zipping! These little buggers pip and zip fast! Wow! Okay, just had to share the excitement, this is my first time hatching anything else other then chicken eggs! Hope both make it out! I am
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I posted at 5:29 and its 5:44 and the little one is out! Yay! Only thing is... he was huge for that tiny egg and his belly is Huge like the yolk sac did not absorb but it did.. if that makes sense.. Its not outside and wet, its in his belly but the belly area is really big and awkward looking. Is this normal for a Guinea?
Looks like I might have a lavender but still unsure... The other Egg hasn't done nothing yet... bummer... And the chick with the big belly doesn't look very active, I guess I will wait until tomorrow and see what happens...
Oooo! I'm so excited!! I just set 3 guinea eggs in the bator yesterday. I too have only hatched chickens so far so I hope mine do good!! Congrats!!!
Its Day 30 and no movement from the second egg...not even a pip. Should I give up? I do not have batteries for my candler.. When do you all throw Guinea Eggs?
mmmm....tough decision. i would think it didn't make it though, sadly.
That's too bad.
but try breaking it open, that way you can see maybe why the chick died.
Congrats on all your other chickies!

day 30 is really too late and by then the chick must be dead.

Nice pics by the way! At least you know how to post them here LOL I don't!
oh and I wouldn't handle the chick if i were you; it's way too early! :eek: Let it dry and keep it warm or it could have a risk of dying. Keep it in the bator til it's warm and fluffy, probably about several+ hours, and then you can take it out!

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