Guinea Folw and Turkeys

My turkeys and guineas do well together. They mostly ignore each other, except for a turkey hen and guinea hen that have been friends for the last 2 years. They often hang out together.
I was wondering if turkeys would get along with guineas
I have a tom and used to have three turkey hens. When the guineas were old enough to let outside they decided one of the hen was their leader and followed it everywhere. Making all sorts of noise when they lost sight of her. Of course, this is the hen that was killed, so they took up with another one and when that one vanished they took up with the last hen. They don't follow this one quite as much as the first 'mother'. For the most part the tom ignores the guineas. At least so far as I've observed.
My pet turkey Imelda is penned right now with a pair of guineas. She seems to think they are her babies. Before she had adopted some Silkie bantam chickens but they died in cat-related violence. I don't know what the guineas think about it, though. I hope they aren't inhibited from mating because 'Mom' is in the room.
My Turkeys and Guineas get along fine. They don't seem to pay any attention to each other. 4 turkeys (2 Toms and 2 hens) & 14 Guineas and they are all out together foraging during the day and in and out of the coop.
oh yoa not a problem in the winter months the guineas use the giant turkeys as like blankets lol. i have a broody royal palm ind the guinea hens will walk rit up to her and lay with her lol its the cutest thing!!! ive never had eny problems with the hen turkeys and hen guineas getting along or the toms and male guineas getting along.

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