Guinea foul with scaly leg mites?

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    Jan 2, 2013

    I'm not entirely sure what this is, the goldish scabby things on his feet are falling off, that is what the blood and pink is from. Please help ASAP. A week or two ago we noticed him limping, checked it out, saw he had mud on his feet, cleaned it up, and thought he was fine. a week ago we noticed it wasn't better, put him in a nuirsing cage, and scrubbed his feet once and applied neosporin.
    Is this scabby leg mites?
    If it is, what should we do? I heard soaking in sea salt, scrubbing with dishwashing soap and coating in vaseline?
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    Wow my that's the worst case of scaly leg mites ive ever seen. Soak its feet in warm water to clean the legs. Then smother vaseline all over its legs.
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    Please do not scrub the legs... you can cause further problems and pain. Vaseline is sufficient and do please keep applying every few days until new healthy scales appear - treat the legs up to where the feathers start and massage the vaseline in well

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    Mar 26, 2014
    Hi Meandmypoultry,
    I have 3 Narragansett turkeys with very similar symptoms. Did your guineas actually have mites? How did you treat this condition and how did it go? I've got a current thread if you might be interested in weighing in on this.
    ~ Roberta

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