Guinea fowl and turkeys


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Jun 1, 2021
Not sure if this is the right place, but what I'm about to explain seems to be working for me and so I wanted to mention it to others who may be having an issue.

We recently got a dozen guinea fowl chicks with the hopes that if they grew up on the farm then they would want to stick around, because the #1 issue people seem to have with them is that they're not technically a domesticated species, kind of like pheasants. I also happened to get a couple of turkeys around the same time, they're only days apart. I put them together and they got along fine, the turkeys did not bully the keets and the keets did not swarm the turkeys. So the two grow up together, and now they're not fully size yet, but maybe a couple of months. The guinea chicks are so attached to the turkeys, and the turkeys are so attached to us, that I have already set them all loose to freeroam and have no issue. They'll come with the turkeys each morning begging for food, I practically trip over them taking the food to where I feed them. I even had one jump in my lap the other day.

They don't like to be caught, they won't let me pet them like my chickens and turkeys do. But they don't run away because they love the turkeys, and turkeys are like dogs, they love their people. So I wanted to tell my story (hopefully in the right subcategory) so that maybe it would help others. Raise your keets with turkeys and see how it goes, I guess. But I also only have 12 keets and two turkeys. I know some others have birds in the hundreds, and I don't know how it work would there.

If this is in the wrong place feel free to move it or delete it.

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