Guinea Fowl (May 2011 Hatch): $8.00 each (Whites, Pieds, Pearls & Lavenders) Celina,Ohio 45822

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    Guinea Fowl (May 2011 Hatch): $8.00 each (Whites, Pieds, Pearls & Lavenders)
    They are starting to lay eggs.

    No Shipping Pickup Only

    S & C Bird & Animal Farm
    NPIP & A.I. Tested Flock (31-244)

    We are Located 7 miles south of Celina, OH 45822 on U.S. Route 127 on the St. Charles Living Center. You will go down the main drive towards the Main House then you will go left or right around the building to the farm in the back.

    Farm Address
    2860 U.S. Route 127
    Celina, OH 45822

    Farm Hours:
    Monday-Friday: Call for a appointment
    Saturday: Call for a appointment
    Sunday: Call for a appointment

    Br. Paul Chase: 419-852-6686
    Terry Staugler: 419-733-0249

    No calls after 9:00p.m. Eastern Time

    ***When buying new Poultry you should follow this rule***
    The best and most effective way to protect your flock from new Microbiology (organisms, parasites & pest) introduced by new Poultry is to quarantine them. When you quarantine Poultry, you keep them separate from the rest of the flock for an extended time period. We recommend a quarantine period of at least 30 days. The longer the period the better.

    During the quarantine period, care for the quarantined Poultry normally, giving them food and water, but do not allow any contact with the existing flock. This means you shouldn't put new birds with your existing Poultry or a pen by your existing flock for the quarantine period. Thoroughly wash or disinfect your hands and disinfect your shoes or boots and anything else that comes in contact with these chickens or their environment or manure.

    These are other precautions you can take.
    1) Dust your new Poultry with Sevin Dust for lice & mites
    2) Worm your new Poultry
    3) Revaccinate if you vaccinate your Poultry
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