Guinea Fowl

Why do they always go to the road have 17 acres why do they do that
They can be trained to avoid the road. You have to be consistent and make them uncomfortable every time they head for the road. @PeepsCA would run at her guineas waving a bath towel whenever they were heading to an area that she did not them in. It did not take them long to learn where they were allowed to be and where they weren't supposed to be.

I have never had a problem with my guineas going to the road. They have a very large pen with a 2"x4"x6' welded wire fence for the perimeter. They can easily fly out of their pen but they rarely do because I have made it uncomfortable for them to be outside the pen. At first they were out every day but constant vigilance on my part in herding them back into the pen has convinced them it is not worthwhile to leave the pen. Occasionally during breeding season a lone guinea will fly out of the pen to avoid the guinea wars but now they are so conditioned that I just open the door to the coop, step out of the way and let them walk back in.
Mt land is across the road and in my yard from the road they cross it tro go to my other land
Years ago a flock of guineas lived south of us, and a party of peafowl to the north. Regardless of the direction one traveled, there was always a bird patrol. The guineas wld just stand there;the peafowl were more assertive. No one wanted to hurt the birds or upset the farmers, so the drivers always blinked first & made a u turn. Mine are still babies, scurrying from everything, so it's hard to picture them trying to hold up traffic.

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