Guinea fowl

rhys lambert

6 Years
Sep 22, 2013
My newly hatched guinea fowl has unstable legs which splay out wards and it is finding it hard to stand it seems to go round in circles when put onto a flat surface , but wobbles on wood shavings it heads for the water dispenser but doesn't drink, and hasn't eaten either. Worried what to do ? Also how do I upload a video of it ?


Welcome to BYC!

I haven't had problems- yet- with keet or chick walking problems, so here's a link you may find helpful for your keet's leg problem.

As far as not eating or drinking goes, I would get a dropper filled with water and sugar and a few drops of Poly-vi-sol without iron and drop it into his beak. To feed him, I'd wet some chick feed down to the point where you can form little pellets out of it. Then force feed it into his mouth; I'd give him four to six of those per feeding at least three times a day; four to six times a day would be better if you can do that.

I haven't ever put a video up here, so I'm not sure I can help you much as far as that goes. There is a button on the reply/ get post ready before sending/ whatchamacallit thingy on it for loading videos. When you click it, it says it supports youtube and Vimeo, so I'd assume you'd have to have your video on that first before uploading to BYC. The button is located on the second line of the editor (ah, I think that's what it's called) and on the second bar, if that makes sense. It is the second button from the left; the one that looks like a movie reel. I hope that helps and that your little keet gets better!
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