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Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by friskebluegills, Jul 17, 2010.

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    Jul 17, 2010
    I hatched out 21 guineas 2 weeks ago. They have all been healthy and active, but starting about a week ago I have started to loose one almost everyday. They have never gotten wet and have been kept under a heat lamp. They have also had grit from day one. I don't know what could possibly be going wrong. We have had this happen to guineas that we have gotten from a hatchery. The ones that did make it are all very healthy. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

    We've been feeding them a 23% layers mash.
  2. GO TO CHICK STARTER. Treat tham as you would a chicken chick for the first 4 weeks.

    They may need the medication in the starter (do not really know), but the high protein may be too much for thier metabolism at this young age. I have never feed a high protein feed (especially layer mash) at this youn an age, so i can not tell you my experinces with it.

    Sure hope this helps. I can not think of any thing else unless you have your heat is too high. Guinea keets do not need a 95 deg. run down.

    I start my off at 85 and work down every 10 days instead of 95 for a week and 5 degrees less for every week passing like chicks.

    I have learned from experience that if you have more than 5 keets this really helps the survive those first 2 weeks of life when they are so very vunerable.

  3. I read somewhere (can't remember the source so I can't verify) that laying mash/crumbles have too much calcium in it for baby birds of any kind. I'll try to find the reference and let you know. is one site that states extra calcium causes bone development problems in chicks. Not sure if that's the specific problem with laying feed, tho. states that the higher mineral content of laying feed can cause kidney problems in chicks. states: " CAUTION: Laying mash should not be fed to chicks or growing poultry because the high calcium level may cause growth problems, kidney damage, or death."
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    I am using chick starter mixed with a little gamebird starter for both my chicks and keets. So far so good. Would not use layer mash!
  5. Quote:Yes, yes, i start this when the keets get to be about 4 to 5 weeks old.

    I did not know that layer mash is a bad thing for chicks although i have never feed it to anything that does not lay eggs. It is a bit too expensive and degrades a bit too fast unless the hens are laying big time.
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    Jul 17, 2010
    Thanks everyone. We changed their feed, moved the light and added electrolites to their water and so far so good. We haven't lost a guinea in 3 days.[​IMG]

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