Guinea hen eggs

Chicken Lily

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6 Years
Mar 26, 2013
Yesterday, I found what I believe to be a guinea hen egg. I am so excited! I thought that all eight of my guinea fowl were boys, but I guess I have at least one girl. Yay! I was thinking about putting the eggs under my broody hens to see if they would hatch. What do you think? Is it worth a try? How long does it take for guinea eggs to hatch? 21 days? I would appreciate any help or advice. Thank you! :)


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
Oh yes, definitely put them under a broody chicken! If she's a good broody and stays put for 28 days they are sure to hatch (if they are fertile... which is most likely the case with all of those males, lol). You can keep collecting the Guinea Hen's eggs for 2 weeks to 16 days (keep them in a cool dark place and turn them a couple of times a day while you collect more) and then after the broody has been on the eggs for 10 days you can candle them to check for fertility/development (if she will let you). Good luck, hope t all goes as planned!

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