guinea hens and ringneck pheasants - long island ny


7 Years
Oct 24, 2012
hello , i live in long island new york in a not overly populated area, i am looking to have 8 guinea hens loose on my property, the property is enclosed predominantly by a huge privet hedge. there are trees and things with lower branches for the guinea hens to roost in, i could also put them in a shed at night if necessary but I'm getting conflicting stories on this from people in new york some just leave them loose all the time i believe year round? whats the story with this as I want to pick the birds up and get them started while the weather is still nice here in my area.

my second question is , i live on a peninsula with a bay on each side, to get on the peninsula there is a narrow strip of land with a road and then the peninsula widens out and is about 3 miles in length and maybe a 1/2 mile wide. there are some woods on the peninsula here and there and some meadows, and then many 2 acre pieces of property. if i was to raise 50 ringneck pheasants at my home which has gardens and open areas and then the property has a smallsome wood, and then across a dirt road is a field and then more non dense woods.

if i was to raise these 50 birds to maturity this coming spring and then leave their enclosure open and continue to put food out daily etc. would these birds roam and make themselves at home in the surrounding area and survive year round? I do see ring neck pheasants about 15 min from my house now and then but not on the peninsula where my home is. I am willing to buy the birds , raise them and continue to feed them, but would they establish themselves on the peninsula and some survives and live year after to year?

thanks for your info
I live in the town of Brookhaven and the limit on fowl is 6 birds, no roosters. We have 6 guineas which we raised from chicks. They are now 3 months old and we built them a coop with a run. They are not allowed out yet as we want to establish the coop/run as their home. I another month, we will let a couple out at a time as we are sure they will return to their friends (they stick together like a street gang). When they all leave the run, we will coax them home by shaking a coffee can filled with millet, their favorite treat. They are wonderful pets. Good luck and have fun !

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