Guinea Hens! Yay

It's a tough time of year to get guinea eggs and many do not ship to AK. You should check with They ship hatching eggs or keets to AK and they have beautiful birds. I drove there to pick up mine and was impressed with their facility.
I hae 8 pearl guineas, less than a year old. 4 males and 4 females. But I live in florida... I don't really want them, my chicken hatched them out herself, cozi sold the parents a while back. Would u trade anything for them?
Well we don't have an chickens right now but when until our chicks grow up I'm trying to breed my Old English rooster with my leghorn or welsummer. I only have those 3. We have 2 female cockatiels but those are the only birds we have and I'm NOT trading my roo, I love him
If I could, i'd give em to you. But my mom would have a fit. You'd also have to keep em in a coop fo a long time or they'd run away.

in a few months, I u don't mind waitng, they should start having eggs. If u can get a hold of some pure breed chicken hatcing eggs, I'll trade ya. I don think you would wanna drive down to florida and get the birds. I might sell them by then, since I consider them a wast o feed and space.

I liked them at first, but seriously! Ya can't keep em in a yard. Though now I have a 6ft fence nd their wings are clipped.

If you wanna, but I don't think u do, I could give u my adress and I wouldsell all eight for $5 a peice. U would have to pick tem up,I can't meet you half way, coz if I drive id break the law.

If you could drive here, I would trade u. What kind of bamtams are they? But it's a distance..

And so, I think you'd prefer hatching eggs. It's a fair swap. PM me if you wanna. My birds aren't hatchery stock, maybe six genrations back, but I've owned the last 3 gens.

Sorry if I'm confusing...

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