Guinea hit by car and LIVED!

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    Thursday morning 2 of my guineas got hit on the road. Before you say anything - I have done everything I can to keep them off the road but I can't prevent it all the time. This happened 5 minutes before I left for work. I go up with a garbage bag bag to get them off the road and one is dead and the other is alive. This is the first time I have ever had one live. I see that it is Loco and my heart drops. [​IMG] I brought him in the house and wrapped him in a towel and put him in the bathtub. I had to leave for work and was sure he would be dead by the time I got home. He wasn't dead when I got home so I went into "emergency action" to treat him and find out injuries. He has some minor abrasions on his head, wing is bloody and nasty but not broken. Worst injury is a compound fracture of his leg. We set the bone in his leg and splinted it. He is much more comfortable.

    Now here's my problem. He won't eat or drink. I have been syringing him water since Thursday. He doesn't show ANY interest in eating food - not even millet that he LOVES. He won't even drink water from a bowl. I syringe him water ever hour or so and have now started giving him some pedialite too. He still poops normal, just getting smaller since no food.
    He still has the strength to stand up for a couple hours on one leg and then will lay down again for a few hours.

    Suggestions? I don't even know what to force feed him.
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