Guinea in the coop door


Bama Biddy
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Mar 31, 2010
Tuscaloosa County, Alabama
My guineas go to roost in the covered run attached to the coop every night. They occasionally think about roosting in the trees, but are usually convinced to come in by the others in the flock. I like that I can lock them in safe and sound at dusk. Lately, some of the males are playing "king of the doorway" and will not let others go in to roost. They also play the same game in the morning and will not let others come out the door. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it just bravado gearing up for spring? Will it subside or get worse? I can run the offender(s) out of the doorway so that the others can get in/out but don't want to have to do that everyday, twice a day..... ugh, crazy guinea birds......
Guineas are crazy. And funny. And loud. Love them but they are like mischevious kids. Not really meaning harm but sassy all the same. If that one decides it is fun to block traffic, it will. good luck!
Door bullying. Yep, it becomes a game to them and fun. Usually it's the Alpha bird, and maybe a sidekick or 2 will join in. It will most likely just get worse the closer to Spring and breeding season it gets. If you have another door or can add one, that would help, but I know that's not always possible. Only other thing I can suggest is distracting the bullies with food/treats as far from the door as possible so everyone has time to sneak inside (but IMO that's just rewarding the bullies for their negative behavior
). I close my pens/coops during the day when they are all out free ranging so that when I do open the door in the evenings they all bolt straight to the feed and door bullying is less exciting than chowing down is.
Thanks, I've had my guineas for a couple of years and this just started. I am glad to know that others see the same bahavior. I will work on a solution and take your suggestions into that decision. You rock!
I have 6 bullies. And 3 poor little ones they love to pick on. I spray them with a spray bottle. To make them stop and let the others in the door. They are such a trip. I love them. They make me laugh everyday. I love how they fly over the fence they are in to the girl goats fence. Then they holler at me like let me out. I want back in my own fence. Silly birds.

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