Guinea information?


Apr 30, 2016
I'm thinking about getting some guineas! However i can't find much information on them!

Are the males mean?
Are they more hawk resistant then chickens?
Are they friendly?
Can you eat the eggs and what do they taste like?
How often do they lay?
Someone told me they are great watch dogs. Is this true?

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!
Hello Donnigan. I am a new guinea owner of about 3 months now and I can tell you I learned alot from the "Guinea 101" sticky as Pyxis said. I read alot of other articles as well but found it the most informative. I have 10 gineas right now, some I'm not sure of the sex yet. I can tell you they are friendly but hate to be touched or picked up. They won't hurt you, they just holler and try to get away. (the white ones being the worst) They are great, though. My boyfriend and I have had so much fun watching them grow and change. They are funny creatures, too.

It is very important to get them use to their sleeping quarters before you let them free-range (if that's your intent) because if not, they won't know where home is and you'll more than likely lose them. I got mine as month-old keets and have spent everyday with them to get them use to me. (I work through the day, so I'd sit with them a little before work and visit them when I got home.) I guess it all depends on how close you want to be with them. I can also tell you they are very routine oriented, once you teach them something, if you're constant, they'll remember.

Yes, they are good watch dogs. Their screeching can get crazy loud if they feel something is out of place.

I doubt they're any less appealing to predators; the first morning after mine spent the night in their new coop, was a greeting by a hawk standing on the roof. We build their coop like a fortress, trust me, nothing can get in. I haven't seen the hawk again. Anyway, I could go on and on about mine and what I've learned so far, but check out the 101 info. It will help.

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