Guinea Keets dying--why? Danger to my chicks?

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    I hatched 6 Guinea keets and 3 Polish Crested (bantam) on the same day & have them in a brooder together. They had a broody hen but I removed her, because the keets were sick.

    Not eating enough or stopping eating,
    have little balance..
    Can stand but sometimes run into walls.
    Weight loss.
    One had serious pasty-butt today
    Fall & get stepped on easily
    Other keets & chicks pecking at earlobes & beak
    Trouble breathing in last stages

    DEATH -- I've lost 3 keets in three days (of 6). A 4th is on its way out.


    Countryside Naturals Organic Chick Starter Feed
    Crumbled hard boild egg yolks,
    Crumbled freeze dried Meal worms
    Yoghurt 1x/day
    Garlic & Sav-A -Chick in water bottle
    Hand eye-dropper of fresh warm water to make sure they're well-hydrated


    The plastic brooder crate, water bottle, dish, etc. were sterilized with Brinsea disinfectant before placing the brood in.
    They are on clean paper towels daily
    They are in an 85degree bathroom with a heat lamp and many thermo-hygrometers around their area.

    All were happy & perky until today.

    The 3 Polish Crested are partying little butterballs by Day 4, and look healthy as can be. One guinea keet has outgrown the Polish and is happy as can be, along with them. ONe is lagging slightly, one is sleepy & stumbling, one just died in my shirt [​IMG]

    I'm cross-posting this to the Guinea forum

    HELP, Please???? What is this??? Can it contaminate the Polish, as well???

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