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  1. Plot:
    This is not the future, nor is it the past. It is right here, but it is a world you will never see nor hear.
    For they do not want you to even have the slightest hint of its existence. Who are they? I'll explain later, don't worry about them.

    Guinea pigs; did you know that they run wild in the forest? That's not really anything fancy,
    but something is changing -something big. You never see the guinea pigs, because you never go to that part of the forest. Never the less, they have endured for thousands of years. Thrived actually. That is until, the humans came along. These humans are scientists. They think they need to control everything, so they haven kept the guinea pigs hidden from view from the world. This worked well enough, until one day, a guinea pig rolled a 30 pound rock off of a cliff. Then it flew after it. The scientists were a bit freaked out about it.

    I mean, flying, super strong guinea pigs -perfectly normal! Right? I don't think so...
    Soon others were getting powers as well. The scientists, being the control freaks that they are, came in and captured several of them to test them.

    You are a guinea pig. Your mission: Get your friends back. And no matter what you do, DO NOT let them capture you.

    General Rules:

    ALL BYC Rules Apply

    Ninja-Rooster and I own this RP: what we say goes! (Although NinjaRoo may not be on here much.)

    No invincible characters.

    You can only instant heal if it is your power. A wound should take at least a day to heal; a broken bone should take five days to heal.

    Please keep this RP PG.

    You can have as many characters as you want, but you must be able to handle all of them.

    If you and another member have a problem, please work it out in a PM; remember, this is a RP, not a chat thread!

    If you are talking and it's not part of the R.P. put it in parentheses like this. ---) (Hi how are you doing?)

    If you read the rules post "Tacos" in your Other

    Character Form:

    Favorite Treat:

    Character Page List
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