guinea raising chicks??!?


9 Years
Jun 16, 2010
I recently moved in to a new house and the previous owners left behind some guineas. I tried all that I could think of to get them to roost in the chicken house, but to no avail, they preferred the barn.
Needless to say, they have decreased in numbers to one. This guinea hen started laying eggs a little over a month ago, where else but in the chicken house.
So I got fifteen baby chicks, and since the guinea was the sole survivor I booted her off her nest and took the eggs knowing they would not hatch. Let me tell you she was not a happy camper!!! But went back to roosting in the barn. Yesterday I was doing some coop renovations, and had the door open, in comes the guinea. She was trying to get inside the small pen I built for the chicks. Curiosity got the best of me. I let her in the pen with the chicks figuring I could pull her out if she had ill intentions. But she settled down, and started doing her guinea clucking. The chicks were very curious about her wattles and were grabbing on to them, but she didnt seem to mind. No pecking, she just lifted her head up higher where they couldnt reach them. Well, I checked on things throughout the evening until I went to bed. When I went out this morning, she had them all gathered around her sleeping, with one even sleeping on her back!! She could have easily gotten out of their pen, but she seems happy. I figure she is still in the baby frame of mind. Has anyone ever tried this, or have any experiences with this. I will leave them in the chicken house until, they are older. Then only let them into a large run. I have heard that guinea hens will sometimes run their keets to death. Any ideas or suggestions??

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