Guinea vs. Rooster

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    So, I raised these guineas with my chickens, always get along fine. Actually, when free ranging I sometimes will see my rooster wondering the yard with the guineas instead of with the rest of the hens.

    Anyhow. Today I let the chickens free after work, like I always do for a few hours. I heard some noise an hour or so later, and I look out and the rooster was fighting with a guinea. Really really fighting. I went out and I couldn't get them to separate, the rooster just kept wanting to go back for more (typical male? :) ). There was a little bit of blood, but I got all the chickens in the run and watched everyone for a while... things seem okay.

    but I did notice that the coop/run door had somehow gotten shut (maybe the wind?) Is it at all possible that the rooster got stressed because it was starting to get dark and him and his girls were stuck outside? or is that wishful thinking, and you think I am going to have a guinea vs. rooster problem forever?
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    wish I knew how to help I'm thinking if your roo sticks around these Guineas long enough, you could end up with A MIRACLE!
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    I was kinda hoping for some helpful posts this morning too :-(

    I am scared to let them out with the guineas! And everything was going so well!!
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    I checked him this morning before work and he does have a bloody comb. It was still pretty dark so I couldn't see how bad it was, and he wasn't letting me near him. You think the hens will bug him if he is the highest in the pecking order? He still seemed like he was himself, crowing and running around away from me :). I hate worrying about it, but hes all I have been thinking about all day. I'm new at this and not sure what to do.

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