Guinea wild turkey hybrid??


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Dec 8, 2019
I have pearled guineas and all of them look just alike. We let them hatch some babies and I have one that has always looked a little different and now that they’re fully feathered I swear he looks like he’s half turkey. The wild turkeys did hang around A LOT while my girls were laying and there were only two females and male left in my flock so not really a big group to run the turkeys off. Everything I’ve seen and read says it’s possible but super rare. Anyone ever seen a feather pattern like this one??


Aug 2, 2019
" the less pearling apparent on a bird, the darker its background colour will be. So, the Royal Purple is the semi-pearled version of the pearl grey, and appears a little darker than it; and the violet is the non-pearled version of the pearl grey, and is darker again."
"it used to be thought that with peafowl, one white gene (T) led to a pied bird, whilst two (TT) gave a white bird. However, it is now apparent that you need both a pied and a white gene (PT) to get a pied peafowl, or two whites (TT) for a white bird. Peafowl with two pied genes (PP) are known as "dark pieds" and signal this effect by appearing to be a "normal" non-pied bird but with a few white flight feathers; birds with just one white gene (T) again look like a normal bird with white flight feathers (usually fewer in number than in the dark pied)."

:sick clear as mud?
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