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My guineas are almost 1 year old and they are very crazy! My guineas have an area in my Duck Shed but if im getting chicks in a month which I am think about I would like to make a Big coop for the both with a big run but will mixing the different breeds and age difference be ok?
Guineas will gang up on and kill the chickens. I would not mix them even if they were the same age and shared a brooder. When they reach maturity guineas can viciously attack the chickens. I have had them almost kill one of my young roos they brooded with.
Your guineas should calm down soon, they are still young and getting used to life. They free range right?

As for keeping guineas and chickens together, I'd say it's okay. I know some people have had problems with the guineas picking on their chickens, but I personally have never had any serious aggression from the guineas toward the chickens in my flock. They will chase them occasionally but mine haven't done any more damage then a pulled feather here and there.

You will need to raise the chicks to their full size (or 6 months at least probably) before putting them with the guineas. If you can, let the two flocks see each other before putting them together. Pen them next to each other for a week or so before mingling them.

Good luck!
I bought my keets and chicks all within the same week September 2010. I had 2 brooder of keets and 1 of chicks. Then they were but in the same coop together and left together in the coop for two months. In December they were all let out on days with decent weather.

No one fights except the 2 chicken roosters. One of which has been named "Sunday Dinner" because he is mean and attacks me too. Everyday he makes his case worse and he looks more like dinner than a candidate for a new home.

We started with 24 keets and 12 chicks

We are down to 8 hens, 2 roosters, and 19 guineas. None of which died as a result of a flock mate.

I'm new to this though and this is my first flock. So take this for what it is. Just a first timers experience.

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