Guineas and Pheasants...

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  1. can I put them together??

    have 5 4-day old pheasants and guineas due to hatch mid week....
    can I put them together after the guineas are a week old or so??

    I have the space that they don't have to be together but wondering...???
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    we have a dozen mixed guineas 15 pheasants and about 10 chicks all in the brooder together, and they all do fine. they are all with in about 3 weeks of age. hope this helps
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  3. be honest had heard about cannibalism in pheasants
    so that was my biggest concern....was really hoping I could put
    them all together...thanks
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    I raised a batch of 13 Ring Neck Pheasants, separately, in a brooder for 4 weeks on 28% protein game bird starter, then in a large pen on 22% protein game bird feed... 4 males 9 Hens. By 6 weeks old they were feather picking, by 8 weeks they were cannibalizing each other.

    Being smaller birds I can't imagine they'd go after the Guineas like this, but I can't say from my experience. So you may want to order peepers or bits for them in case they start, or at least be set up to move your Guineas. All I know is if I ever raise Pheasants again, they are getting peepers or bits as soon as I see any feather picking, period.

    And all along I had thought that Guineas were the dumbest birds, with the worst anxiety/mental issues... obviously NOT! [​IMG]
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    Hahahahaha! I was wondering about raising pheasants now I don't think I will, just a passing fancy. They are exceptionally pretty though.[​IMG]

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