Guineas born without flight feathers now wings are dry/scabbed or cracking

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by RiverChickens, Feb 14, 2012.

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    Feb 14, 2012
    I was just curious if this is common or if anyone can tell me more about this. I have 5 guineas I hatched myself, four are normal healthy (crazy) guineas, they fly all over and even go in the preserve behind my home but one of my guineas has no flight feathers or longer tail feathers. It has been this way since they first feathered out about 7 months ago. I wasn't concerned,as she was happy and healthy other than the feathers, I just figured she was inbred or deformed but still okay to keep just not breed. So it's now feb.(cold) and I went out and noticed she was bleeding from the nub of her wing, they are very tame,so I picked her up to check it out and her wings seem dry and cracking although I'm not sure if this is the problem or a result of another problem.The other birds don't pick on her either as far as I can tell.(I work on my farm all day so I would have noticed) I feel awful for her so I brought her into our heated garage into a pen and put some neosporin on it to try and help her stop bothering it since it seemed itchy like a scab. She's eating and drinking and has cleaned most of the blood from her feathers but what can I do? Any help is very welcome whether it's a treatment or a reason why she was born like this, or even preventative actions I can take to help her out I just don't want her hurting. Like I said she's very tame for a guinea but sensitive about her wings now so she can Be handle for treatment or further inspection if anyone has a question thank you all for reading this, I'm looking forward to any advice

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    Ouch, that's rough! We have a couple dozen guineas of all colors but I haven't seen this. Unfortunately, I can't be much help except I'm guessing you're doing the right thing. Have you ever tried putting her on a super high protein ration? That can sometimes help them get feathers in, but she sounds like something is wrong on a deeper level. You might try asking around on the Guinea Fowl International forums. Those guys are very into all things guinea and might have more experience.

    Best of luck, to both of you!
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    Sounds like a genetic birth defect of some kind to me, very strange, and I've never seen anything like that in my flock/flocks. Odd that it would get worse now all of a sudden, but Neosporin would be my initial choice of meds to use too, just to give her a little relief and moisturize the affected areas. Opening a vitamin E capsule and rubbing that on the effected areas, then adding a few drops to her feed as well may also help. Maybe rubbing some aloe vera on the areas would help moisturize too.

    Is it possible she may have some kind of mites that are acerbating the problem all of a sudden, and mainly effecting her defected/featherless areas? Best time to check for mites is at night in the dark, with a flashlight. Also check her vent area for any sign of them. If you suspect or confirm mites are causing this to be more of an issue for her now, about 1/3 cc of pour-on ivermectin (about 6-8 drops) applied to the skin (not feathers) at the base of her neck, or divided between the base of the neck and under each wing may help (it needs to be absorbed into the skin tho, not the feathers). Otherwise poultry dust should also take care of mites, but may cause her more dryness/irritation.

    Wish I had better advise, but this is a new one for me.
    Poor girl, good luck with her.

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