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Apr 10, 2012
We are getting Guineas and I have a few questions. Are they loud? Will they protect my chickens? Are they mean?
I have seen a few different flocks of guineas. They ARE loud. I don't know about "protecting" chickens. Depends on whether they think they are chickens too or not I guess. If they were raised from day 1 with chickens then mabye. They'll protect you and your chickens from snakes.

I don't think they're mean at. I haven't raised them personally but they seem to be curious and check out what you're doing, and there is a group in my neighborhood that seems fine.

How old will they be?


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Mar 12, 2013
Blue Mountain, Nova Scotia, Canada
LOL Asking if they are loud is an understatement. I am proud to be an owner of guinea hens and wish I had more. Need a female to increase the flock. Yes, they are noisy but it serves a purpose and if you don't mind noise I would go for it. There should be a lot of stories headed your way about personal experiences with guineas from the crew here.

Guineas are the best early warning system for a flock of chickens, geese and even ducks when it comes down to a predator lurking around. The guineas don't skip a beat when there is something going on near the flocks.This also goes for people who visit your home, guineas will let you know, cars coming up the driveway if they are free range, the guineas start trumpeting.

I have had guineas swoop down and scare off fox, cats, dogs...pretty much anything that does not belong in the yard. My guineas help me out with a bald eagle who tends to use my free range birds as a feed source. If the eagle gets low enough and the guineas see it they trumpet out as well. The flock gets used to the guineas and always heads up for the chickens when the guineas react. I definitely consider them a bonus plus the fact that they are excellent bug eaters. Guineas would rather forage for bugs than eat from the feed dishes. Yes, they do need feed though.
You should get a lot of positive reaction from this forum regarding your questions... Good luck and good reading... Steve

PeaChick C

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Apr 2, 2013
Oskaloosa, Iowa
Our guineas whistle and cherp all day long and it's a pleasant sweet sound... Until they detect danger. Then they sound like old fashion school bells going off. The other animals know what that mean too. The other day a helicopter flew overhead and the guineas freaked out so much that it was deafening. I ran out to find every duck, chicken and guinea holed up undercover till the helicopter passed and the buzzing stopped.

They make a frightful sound at strangers too.

Best thing about guineas is their pest control. Fleas and ticks beware. The spastic guys roam all day long pecking every insect in their way.

Their feathers are amazing too. Perfect poke a dots!

I love my silly clowns. They make life so fun... But afternoon naps are very rare indeed.

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