Dottie Pratt

11 Years
Sep 4, 2008
I'm very new to this and would like to know What will happen when my 6 Guineas (about 16 weeks now) realize they can fly? Will they still go into the coop at nite with the 5 Ducks ? So far they do. They free Range with the other chicks. There is not a top on the area they are out in during the day. Just a fenced in area.

I realize my question is not very clear.
Guineas need trained in order to come back into a coop. This means at least 6 weeks of them confined to the coop. They take a lot longer to learn things than chickens. They might also need refresher courses later on.
If they are already coming into the coop on their own they should be fine for awhile. The only time we had to retrain ours was when something got into the coop and destroyed half the flock. They decided to start staying on top of the barn at night. So we had to put them in for a few nights and everything was fine. If they are not coming in on their own then you have to train them for a good 6 weeks by keeping them in the coop.

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