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    Sep 11, 2008
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    Hey there [​IMG]

    I will be having guinea's hatching around the 24th, and have a couple questions.
    What feed should I start the chicks out on? Is "chick starter" for chickens ok for them to eat? (i have 3 chicks that will be in the brooder with them) and should I put their feed on the floor of the brooder for the first day or two like I did for the chicks?

    This is my first time with guineas, so I need all the help I can get lol
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    Quote:If you are raising guineas by themselves, you should feed them turkey starter, cause they need more protein. It is ok to feed them regular chick starter, when they live with chicks. I know many people that feed keets chick start from day 1, and they do fine on it.

    You should do the same things with the keets as you would do with the chicks, i.e. dip their beaks in the water, spronkle food on the floor. They are babies just like chicks are, and might need a bit of help.

    <edit> Forgot to add the [​IMG] Have fun with your keets!
    I gave mine a 'house'.. There is a pic on this thread...
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    I'd give them the higher protein starter feed. When we first started with guineas, we fed chick starter and had problems with the keets not being able to walk. Once we switched to a higher protein feed, the problem cleared up (they are now 4 years old and still no problems)! Enjoy your babies.
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    I feed mine the highest protien feed I can find.

    But, I also start with, and supplement with what I called the "yellow stuff", about a 1/4 cup of what ever crumbles I can find, 1 boiled egg yolk and just enough water to make it a glob! They seemed to do good on this and the "Yellow stuff" turns into a good taming treat!
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    Don't forget the marbles or rocks in the water tray so they don't drown! I feed mine meat bird which is higher in protein that chick starter...
    When they mature and live in chicken barns they eat whatever others are eating.
    With free ranging they seem to do fine. good luck with the keets.
    I have 11 in my brooder right now that I definately do not need! My aunt took some eggs home and put them under her duck and they hatched..She then called me to come get them... Anyone In Indiana interested in some? [​IMG]

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