Gunea baby taking too long, should I help?? like rigth now!

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6 Years
Sep 22, 2013
I need some advice like asap! :-/ How long does the bird have from the time it cracks the first hole in the shell before it dies?

We have 3 gunea eggs (like the only 3 in the country!) in the incubator and after losing the elextricity TWICE over the incubator time (losing the counter on the machine as well as them cooling down) and these are the only gunea eggs in the country I REALLY need help to make sure these babies will make it! They will be the first guneas here so I really need at least 2 of them to hatch and hopefully be male and female.

The problem is that one has started to make a hole and I can see the beak but that was yesterday, today there is no progress but I can see the beak moving there.

I have not been following the machine, it's my husbands hobby but I saw that the humidity is only 65% so I google-ed a bit and found that it should be more 80% so I added some hot water in the machine, hoping that it won't cool down like it might if I put cold water. This is a china incubator, the humidity meter might be a bit off.

Now this baby is there, I am trying just to peek through the hole that you pour the water inside so I don't open the machine. My husband took the egg out yesterday for a minute and heard some baby noice and there was craking in the shell but now there is only this one hole, I see the beak but I don't know if I should help open it a bit if the baby is too exhausted to crack more or if I should leave it alone....and possibly the baby will die. We've had this happen before with chicken and it's so sad to find them dead like half a day later, only made a hole in the shell but didn't do more.

We've had to help some duck hatchlings getting out of their eggs but this is our first Gunea eggs and they travelled a long way to get to us and it's so hard to get more if these won't make it. Would be so lame if my husband came home to dead babies after work and I can't reach him on the phone.

Thank you in advance <3


8 Years
Jul 26, 2014
I don't have any experience with guinea's (mostly ducks for me), but often they will rest for up to 24 hours after that initial pip before they start turning to unzip. How long has it been now?

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