Gurgling/Rattling Sounds When Hen Breathes


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May 11, 2011
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My Coop
Yesterday, the entire flock was fine. This morning, my welsummer was gurgling and rattling very loudly when breathing normally, like she had a lot of congestion in her nose.

She is behaving perfectly normally and not breathing through he mouth at all. Keeping up with everyone else and eating, drinking, and laying normally. No swelling, discharge, or other symptoms around her face, eyes or nares and no perceptable odors.

I pulled her out of the flock for now (and she is not happy about it).


The gurgling and rattling actually subsided somewhat through the day. However, while giving her another check, discovered that she had a spot of bumblefoot. It didn't look bad, but if you'd have seen the plug of crud I pulled out.

Of course, she got pretty flustered by me doing this and began breathing pretty hard. This lead to some sneezing and renewed gurgling, though nothing so bad as before. And since it was quite a bit hotter, she did start panting quite a bit, but did not gurgle while doing so. Only when she closes her beak will she gurgle a bit, so it seems like it's entirely in her nose.

I also checked her throat and found no sign of gapeworm.

Any ideas/advice? She's still eating/drinking normally and behaving just as normally as the rest.
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