Guys I am so mad at myself!


Mar 5, 2017
So a lot of y’all have been helping me with advice about my new parakeet! Well things were going great and I thought he might actually get use to me and maybe perch on my hand someday unlike my other one! But today I was cleaning and putting a latter in there cage when they both flew out!! :eek: The new bird had clipped wings so he was easy to catch but my other bird kept flying in to the tv! And my rabbit is indoors due to cold weather! She is in a big dog crate and my parakeet flew inside of that too:oops: I got them both back in the cage but I’m worried that they will never like me now:hitthey both bit me so that kinda tells me that they don’t like me lol! has anyone ever done this or is it just me!:hmm


In the Brooder
Nov 7, 2019
Put a soft mitten on with 1 hand and hold it til you want. And pet the bird’s head and talk to it. Maybe it needs to know that you mean no harm. That’s what I do with mine and now at least she stopped panicking.

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