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    Oct 5, 2013
    i really love turkeys.. but i had a doubt of taking care of them.. i have chickens.. and other birds.. but when we talk about turkeys.. its just a have a little bit of fear to them.. does they really agressive?? or it is easy to take care of them??

    need advice from veteran turkey breeders
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    Apr 14, 2013
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    Well, I'm not a veteran turkey breeder, but I was in your shoes about five months ago. I started out with three Standard Bronze turkey poults because I knew that I wouldn't like the Broad Breasted variety due to their sluggishness and general ill-health. At that point, I already had loads of chickens and several ducks. After doing loads of research, I was terrified about Blackhead Disease and the chickens picking on the turkeys. And then I worried about other things, like them dying after I'd just paid $10 a poult and $20 for a bag of high protein turkey feed. It's a huge investment when you think about it.

    There is loads of information here on BYC on good starter breeds. I, personally, love my standard bronze turkeys but I'm sure there are other opinions on "better" breeds. I've found that they are much more interesting and personable than my chickens. I've never had one of them act aggressive towards me, but I've always showed them who is boss first (with the toms, I recommend showing them early on that you are top dog by picking them up and hugging them a bit, just to prove that you are bigger and stronger than them). Jennies are nearly always docile and sweet, in my opinion.

    They will do well so long as you put in the time and effort. One concern I would recommend having is being aware of the various diseases they are more susceptible to like Blackhead Disease. Chickens may carry it and never be affected, but turkeys have been known to die from it. Finding out if it is prevalent in your area is very important. I didn't, but I got lucky and we didn't have any problems. But because I didn't know anyone who would know, I made sure to feed them apple cider vinegar in their water and cayenne pepper to worm them. I think it helped.

    I would be cautious when thinking about introducing new birds to your care, but I wouldn't be fearful. You have a wealth of knowledge here on BYC and I'm sure there are many breeders willing to answer any of your questions. Good luck!
  3. rjestoque1973

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    Oct 5, 2013
    thanks bro.. its a big help for me.. now i just got an idea how to raise them.. thanks [​IMG]
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    Mar 3, 2012
    This is how I describe chickens and turkeys. Chickens are very cat like- mainly keep to them selves grooming(preening)themselves half the day and lounge in the sun under a bush the other half and only come running when they hear treats are being offered. Turkeys are very dog like- They are a little more rambunctious pacing the fence to be let out for the day. They will wonder further than chickens if given the chance, They will follow you everywhere you go right on your heels or literally infront of you so you trip. If you are painting so are they, if you are cleaning the garage so are they, if you go check the mail so are they. Toms will gobble at new things that drive by or pull in the driveway like large trucks school buses or people coming in the yard the same as a dog would bark at those things.

    Turkeys definitely have personalities and they are pretty friendly and personable. I have 3 young daughters and nieces and nephews and all the kids love the turkeys. I have had turkeys for only a short time, just under 1 and 1/2 years. We started with 5 last year and currently have 13(5 due to join people at the thanksgiving table) so that will leave me with 8. I have only had 1 aggressive Tom but it was because he saw me as a threat, like another sparring Tom(I tried intervening during there sparring match and he must not have liked that). He ended up being last years Easter dinner.

    I find caring for turkeys to be generally the same as tending to the other birds. They do need higher protein in their diet as mentioned above. And to find out about Blackhead in your area you can call you states agricultural offices they keep track of diseases and should be able to offer you information.

    I enjoy turkeys and plan to always have then around, I do however love my chickens more its no secret at my house. But I think I am in the minority with that because most people who get turkeys say they secretly love the turkeys way more than chickens.
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    Turkeys definitely have personalities, and the more time you make for them the friendlier they will be. Don't be afraid to try a view. You'll be fine. They are not the nightmare to care for that some sources would have you believe.
  6. rjestoque1973

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    Oct 5, 2013
    thanks for some wonderful advice

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