Ha! He didn't want any hatching going on, now look...

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    Ok, well, no looksies, yet. However, the boyfriend said no quail. Well, I will have 20 coturnix eggs shipped tomorrow and at some point in time, I'll have 50 button eggs. The incubator has been running for a few days, and the boyfriend wasn't thrilled, saying "NO QUAIL" and "why's that thing running, it's wasting electricity!" (It doesn't have eggs in it, yet). Well, tonight, he comes home, peeks in the empty incubator and says, "well, you may have to hatch 60 pheasant eggs if you want to". I guess a co-worker wants some eggs hatched out. I'm going to bring my other incubator up and set that baby up as my hatcher again. I'll probably have to have the co-worker wait until my quail are hatched, so that I can do 42 in the 1588 and the rest in the flimsy LG hatcher. That'll give them a better hatch rate. Anyways, I'm just so excited! Now, to research pheasant incubation...
  2. Congrats ! way to go , atleast you are getting your quail ! [​IMG]

    Some men are forever changing their minds ,HEHE

    My DH said ,No dont get the sportsman out til February when i wanted to hatch some eggs last week.Now the bator is set up and running , his friend ask that i set him some eggs ,lol

    so for whatever reason it dont matter , i gonna get to hatch my eggs ,YAY! [​IMG]


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