HA! I got him! He didnt say "No"


11 Years
May 8, 2008
I have been wanting a GS since we decided to get chickens. But I didnt put one in the order I placed because Ideal doesnt sex them and I didnt want to pay MPC for it. So I have been waiting. Anyway. The other day I mentioned to the dh that I was going to order some come spring and keep a hen(if we get one from the straight run order) and he didnt say "no" He looked at me and said "Ok the brooder etc is all here still right?"

Who is this man and what did he do with my dh?

So come spring I am ordering some GS chicks and maybe some others as well. He wants a NHR.

Buff Hooligans

12 Years
Jun 11, 2007
Oh man, I ALMOST had the same thing happen. I've been hinting around that our 4 Buff Orps just weren't enough and that "we" could expand the coop and run. He didn't say no.

Then yesterday I printed some pictures of Light Sussex from the internet and left them on the kitchen counter. When he saw them he said "wow, good looking bird". (I expected him to say "oh NO, no more chickens!!!")

So, good for both of us, Rhettandsarahsmom!

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