Hached Baby chicks in January

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    Jan 3, 2009
    D[​IMG]I left eggs in the chicken nest Thought well lets just see if any will hatch out. Well so far 2 hached out butr another didn't make it out the egg. They are silkies Right ugly but I know they will be very cute when they get older. So now I have them in a cage with the hen and a heat lamp. Gets cold a night here in Va. So I still have about 24 eggs under 3 hens. So It's like Christmas morning running to the chicken house in the morning to see if anymore hatched out:[​IMG][​IMG]
    Does anyone know how to put pictures on web site. Want to show everyone the two baby chicks![​IMG]
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    We LOVE pictures here. You will find a wealth of information at BYC.

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