Had 2 Moles Removed this Morning

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    Yeah I have like 200 moles on my body...so you know I have had a few come off and likely will have a lot more come off in the future due to suspected cancer. ANYWHO yeah had to have one taken off right where my leg bends at the hip/groin (and stupid me I wore tight jeans today) and one taken off the back of my left thigh...sitting flippin rawks today! Ouch... and the dr who did it is great at leaving massive scars...ugh!

    On the upside, on my way into town there was construction and the flagger who talked to me for about 10 min was the freaking doppleganger of Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black fm Twilight) so that made it not so very bad for a surgically inclined morning!
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    ouch! and major [​IMG]
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    Quote:Sorry to hear about your moles. [​IMG] Did you get the guy's number? [​IMG]
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    As painful and annoying as it is, I am glad that you had it done.

    I had one on my jawline that appeared out of no-where and when I had it removed, it was a basal-cell.

    It pays to be vigilant. Feel better soon.

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