Had a bad dream, but it got me thinking

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by s6bee, Feb 9, 2008.

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    Jul 1, 2007
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    Wow, woke up this morning to an awful dream about my chickens [​IMG] . They are kept in a run, and in the dream, there were 2 large wolves surrounding the run and a prarie dog ( not sure why a prarie dog [​IMG] ) Anyway, the chickens somehow, climbed up the run walls and pryed the top off, getting themselves seriously injured. I won't go into details on the injuries, but it got me thinking. I really don't have first aid supplies in case I need them. That includes any meds I may need. What would you recommend to have on hand?

    Thanks guys!
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    We do worry about our babies don't we?! I had the same nightmare several times about a possum getting in my chicken pen and eating them...then low and behold, one shows up on my porch...made me shore up the chicken coop alittle more and over feed the possum so he wont be hungry..hope no prairie dogs or wolves show up at your place and that your chickens don't put on their wonder woman suits and open their pen anytime soon!

    You know I had a can of that blue kote, for emergencies is what I thought, then I read so many things on here about never being able to eat an egg from a chicken with blue kote on them that I threw the can away!! Soooo, I would not recommend blue kote in your kit [​IMG]
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    I did make a LARGE chicken emergency kit just in case. We had so many supplies left over from when DH had cancer and had his ileostomy that we had most of what we needed on hand.
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    If you use the 'search' function in the blue bar above, and search on 'first aid kit', you will find several really good threads on this topic. I'm not saying this to squash *this* thread, please understand, it's just that the people who posted pretty comprehensive and detailed replies on those threads may not chime in this time around so it is definitely worth your going back and taking a look.


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    Blu-Kote is one of the most important items you can have for chicken first aid.
    It is a germ, fungicidal, wound dressing and healing aid effective against both bacterial and fungus infections most common in skin lesions of common animals. Kills Ringworm and fungus infections. Dries up blisters and pox-like scabby sores of lesions. ( that's on the label ).

    My experience with it was a blessing many times. I would not be without it.

    I stood there in the feed store and we called the company representative with regards to the use with poultry. It is totally safe to use with poultry.

    I'll stay with my source of good information here, and will be prepared when the need arrises.


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