Had a crazy idea.


8 Years
Mar 24, 2012
My incubator only holds about two or three dozen eggs, so I got to thinking.... what if I turned our food Dehydrator into an incubator! I haven't tried it, but was just wondering what you thought, suggestions, or if anyone has ever attempted it.
ive never incubated eggs, but i thought that they need moisture and humidity......it would seem that a dehydrator would dry out the eggs.
though it might work if u added water to kkep it moist.....might have to do that often though.
That's what I thought also. But incubators have a fan just like a dehydrator, so maybe with alot of water it would work?
Thanks for your input!
If anyone else has suggestions they would be very appreciated!
You have to keep temperature at around 99-100, in order to do this, it needs to keep the air circulate, not come in one end and exit other end. It's possible if you modify it so output air will come back to input end.

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