Had a Guinea show up. Now what?

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by WestKnollAmy, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. WestKnollAmy

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    It is so funny! I have not had Guineas in all the years I have had chickens and ducks.
    However, a friend wanted me to hatch eggs for her since she would like some and wanted to possibly sell a few extra. She brought me 5 dz Guinea eggs to set and said I could keep half if I wanted from the hatch. So yeah, I thought that would be okay. [​IMG]

    Now almost 3 weeks into incubation and I spot a Guinea out behind my barn! Big, beautiful fella. (Gosh what a fast hatch and growth![​IMG])
    Obviously, one of the neighbor's thought to try a hand at Guineas and he escaped or they did not know enough and just let him go. I have not heard any Guineas in our community in over 20 years.

    How far would one roam if it was let loose or escaped from a new home? Miles?

    I do not plan to advertize that he showed up. I am assuming he came here because of all the fowl I have roaming the farm. I think he is beautiful so he can stay as long as he likes! Freaked out my horse, LGD, ducks and chickens though! LOL
    This morning when I went down to let everyone out he was in the duck pen, probably getting water and grain that I leave out. He immediately flew over the fence and headed into the woods.

    Do I just let him do his thing? I would think he was lonely and the keets will not be old enough for a long while to give him any company. I plan to brooder raise them as long as I can so they will return each night to roost in the coop. Hawks and Owls would surely get them at night with the woods right behind the barn.

    I appreciate any info you all can give me since I am a newbie to Guinea fowl.
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    He's probably lonely and hungry. I have no idea how far they will roam. He'll probably start hanging out with your chickens if her can. lol

    Good luck with him!
  3. PeepsCA

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    Mar 28, 2011
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    They can roam for miles, especially if something chases them off each time they "set up camp". If the Guinea can come and go as it pleases for food and water, it will most likely set up camp at your place. I'm guessing someone dumped it off in your area and it was drawn to your place by the sounds of your poultry. Being a lone bird out in the open it's "a sitting duck" waiting to get picked off by a predator tho.

    If it sticks around maybe it will bond with your poultry (they are flock oriented) long enough for the keets to get up to an age it will relate to (10-12 wks or so?). I think I'd be sneaky and try to catch it before then tho, maybe by putting some netting over most of the pen so that the next time it jumps in for food and water you can contain it and catch it to put in a holding pen or cage, or even setting up a large cage baited with food and water, with a long string attached to the door that you can pull shut to capture it, just to make sure it's healthy and won't be bringing disease to your flock.

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