Had a mysterious illness last season that devastated in excess of 150 birds. Contacted FL Dept. of A

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    Of course after the girls in haz-mat gear took blood and saliva samples it took them
    5 weeks to tell me that ! What they did advise was to innoculate peeps BEFORE I
    introduce them into my 4 stage brooder. The innoculation was an pump spray in the
    face just prior to dipping their beeks in water .I have not had any luck finding this
    drug. I'm told it's common practice in commercial breeding operations and it works
    like a "7 in 1" shot for cats and dogs. My first hatch is 180 eggs set to hatch 3/6-9.
    As soon as I can find natural ACV I intend to spike the gravity water supply as too
    many swear by it, I'm convinced!! But to be safe I'd like to identify the medicine in
    commercial operations just to level the odds. Does anyone have knoweledge of this
    stuff? Any and all comments would be very welcome, these birds feed my freinds
    family and the public and it's my duty to insure all healthy happy poultry. RR
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