Had a roo show up today...

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    Aug 20, 2009
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    And my dogs are going nuts so I made everyone come in. He looks like a RSL. But he's missing most of his tail. I'm thinking he's from the stray flock a few blocks down, they are mostly cockerels and roos at this point. I've never seen him though. Can't get close enough to get a good pic or catch him at the moment but if he tries to get to my girls I'll pull out the casting net and see what I can do to get him out of here. Don't want him near my flock at all!! I'm currently without roo for a while, the last one we had is in the freezer because of his insistence to attack me. So I'm thinking this roo is trying to move in and claim my girls [​IMG]

    I've called all my neighbors who have chickens and they aren't missing their roos. Animal control is aware of him now but all she can do is set a trap, which has been done.

    It would be different if I liked his coloring, but since I don't he doesn't get to stay.
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    Had two bantam roos show up here late summer. No one claimed them and after 5 weeks of feeding their faces, they were tasty. (Both had amazing nasty tempers)

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