Had an ultrasound at 18 weeks - want to see the next one!


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Jul 1, 2008
Portland, Oregon
I am pregnant for the second time! The first time I had a boy and when I went for my 20 week appointment, it was clear as day that I was having a boy. This time, I went in for my second doctor's appointment at 18 weeks and the OB himself did a quick gender check apart from the official "big" ultrasound that I'll get when I go in a couple of weeks. The official line is that this one is a girl, which I believe, but I really want the second ultrasound before I can say I'm sure.

This time, it was not so easy to tell. With my son, I knew what I was seeing. This time, the baby was moving around a bunch and the picture was blurry. I didn't see any indication that it was a boy, and for a split second, I knew that what I saw was girl parts. I called it before the OB did! I said, "that looks like a girl to me." But as my obsessive nature leads me to do, I just can't accept it now a few days later with my memory of what I saw less clear. Last night I took out the ultrasound photos again to take a look and I honestly can't tell what I'm looking at. With my son's ultrasound photos, you could tell because there was some context: here's his leg, there's his other leg...I can see his whole body. These photos are grainy, fuzzy, and I can't tell even that there's a body in the image, much less what part of the body I'm looking at.

Has anyone else been in this type of situation? I feel very strongly that this one is a girl for a few reasons, but I'm not one to set much store by intuition, even if I turn out to be right. I want to know that what I think I saw for a split second was really what I saw and that it wasn't just my imagination.

And of course the requisite statement: I will love this baby no matter if it's a boy or a girl and I'm hoping that it's healthy most importantly...and I will love it even if it's not healthy.
Congrats with the pregnancy! I remember when I went for an ultrasound with my son. He let it all hang out LOL There was no doubt it was a boy!
Fingers crossed yours is a girl this time round!
I was opposite really. First child, first ultra sound was too unclear. Second one could not see gender well but they thought girl. I said nope its a boy. I was right. Second one first one she crossed her legs of all things. I said girl. 2nd ultrasound they confirmed girl. I called all of mine. Just listen to instinct. I felt so intune on mine I never felt I needed the untrasound to know. My husband said I determined the genders by sheer willpower simply so I could still say I am always right. lol
Hi there, I have 5 kids and have seen quite a few ultrasounds. Girl parts look like a hamburger on the ultrasound. You can see layers, kinda. With my last couple of kids I didn't want to know the gender but when I was in there for the ultrasound there just wasn't any hiding it. I actually cried when my last was a boy cause I wanted a girl so bad, but that little spitfire is my pride and joy!

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