Had another conversation with my neighbor/commercial chicken farmer

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    Our neighbor that keeps some cattle on our farm and owns alot of commercial chicken houses stopped by today. This is the same guy that "gifted" me with the 18 culls from the commercial houses.

    He couldn't believe the size of my CX cockerel, Ollie. He also couldn't believe how gentle Ollie is. He said that he once raised up some CXs in the commercial houses, past the usual age for processing and those birds were very aggressive.

    He's also astounded that my adult flock of brahmas are still laying well @ almost three years old.

    DH told him DUH!!!!!!!!! My birds are living the good life. They are not overcrowded, not forced into laying through the use of artificial lighting, free range all day long with nothing to worry about but the rare predator.

    Though I am morally against commercial chicken house conditions and practices, I always find it interesting to talk with someone on the other side of the fence.
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    Yes, they are often shocked that animals treated humanely are actually nice animals to be around! Good for you for showing a good example. [​IMG]

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